Me and my buddies L'thran and Elevir were out scouting around the ruins of Molvan Dún, the ancient dwarf city which had once been full of cool dwarf bars and eateries but in recent times was now played out, and boring, due to being ruined, when I leaned against an ornate carved stone wall and it turned out to be a door that opened into a secret chamber. An honest to gods secret chamber. It groaned on its hinges and an ancient light flickered into the sconces inside. I was excited, and I hollered at L’thran and Elevir to hearken to me, because it actually did not happen that often that you would accidentally open a secret door in a dwarven city. Less than you would think for sure. They helped me to regain my feet and we issued forth, arrows drawn. Upon entering the chamber we saw sacks and sacks of golden coins and various precious objects etc. and at the far end of the chamber was a sword laid upon a green stone table. When we saw it L'thran and Elevir high fived and yelled "Elves of Volhangir Scouting Party #23 rules!" and got out their elixirs of paint and began spraying the names of their fathers and their fathers' fathers on the walls.

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